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Inspirational Story of Personal Triumph


Greg Horvath resides in Los Angeles, CA, and is a nationally respected motivational speaker, author and producer. For 15 years he's traveled the globe sharing his story of perseverance and overcoming adversity. He views the world through the lens that anyone can build a life they are proud to lead.

Because of Greg's incredible story of overcoming adversity to play college football at age 38, and his passion to share it, he has become a much sought after motivational speaker.  His love of film, which he discovered while studying Communication Arts at Saddleback College, has made him an award winning filmmaker.

The Business of Recovery is the third feature film Greg has produced. Unfinished Business was considered for a Canadian Gemini Award and Hope for the Broken Contender won the American Express People’s Choice Award at the Calgary International Film Festival.

Greg is very passionate about The Business of Recovery, a story he felt compelled to tell.


Despite turning his life around in 1990 and establishing an award winning career in real estate, Horvath still felt that he had never shed the mistakes of his past.



Unbelievably, in 2000 at age 38, Greg Horvath was accepted at Saddleback College in California and given an opportunity to try out for the football team. Not only did he make the team, but he was named “Most Inspirational Player” for the 2000 season. Greg was also placed on the President’s Honor List for maintaining a 4.0 GPA. It was a dream come true! Horvath’s story was so inspirational that it was aired nationally in Canada, and was considered for a 2002 Gemini Award.


The Struggle

Greg Horvath had always dreamed of one day going to college and playing college football. But unable to cope with the effects of a devastating childhood, he turned to alcohol, dropped out of high school and missed his opportunity, decisions that haunted him for years.


Leap of faith

After years of planning and training, Horvath took a leap of faith and pursued his seemingly impossible childhood dream.


Unfinished Business Documentary - Unfinished Business chronicles Greg Horvath's pursuit of his seemingly impossible dream of playing college football at the age of 38.



Producer: Greg Horvarth & Adam Finberg

Director: Adam Finberg

Unfinished Business chronicles Greg Horvath's pursuit of his seemingly impossible dream of playing college football at the age of 38. The film takes you through Greg's physical and emotional journey as he takes a leap of faith to pursue his boyhood dream. You learn through emotional interviews about past mistakes, regrets, his difficulty in understanding and forgiving his father and  Greg's desire to become a better father to his own son. Ultimately, he proves that achievement is dependent on one's attitude and the willingness to do whatever it takes, including the ability to forgive and ask for help. He also proves that dreams can come true.

Greg Horvath productions